Hopefully we have seen the last of the torrential and destructive rain and we can get back in the groove with progress onsite.

So to summarise the progress we have made this year:

Stage 1

Major works are complete with just minor works continuing while we await the last of the authorities to sign off and we can then give clients a more accurate timeline for settlement.

We have had quite a few surveys carried out by the various contracted builders on behalf of clients along with valuations – unfortunately up until today we have not been able to allow Geotechnical crews to do their required soil testing given the amount of water retention. So please contact your builders etc to confirm we will now be allowing access from Mon- Wed next week for Soil testing. More on settlement time lines will be sent out late this week or mid next week.

Stage 2

Major earthworks have commenced however the recent wet has certainly been difficult to manage – our target for completion is September.

Stages 3 & 4

Preliminary clearing has been done in anticipation of us bringing these 2 combined stages to the market. We are currently preparing our full kit of information for prospective buyers and will be sending out an update on the process and time frame next week.

Our Show room is complete and as part of the release of Stage 3 and settlements for Stage 1 we look forward to being able to open this up and welcome people through in the next couple of weeks.

We appreciate that clients have been patiently waiting for both Stage 1 to settle and the anticipated release of Stage 3 and look forward to sending out further updates later this week and next.


Peter Kalaf
Instinctive Property Group Australia
M: 0411 017 242
W: www.ipga.com.au